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ER Direct is Mobile Urgent Care That Comes To You
How It Works

We travel to your location within minutes of receiving your call and provide top quality urgent care for less money than the average emergency room visit, without the hassle.

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Our Team

Our clinicians have spent years working in hospital emergency rooms and are fully licensed to practice urgent care.

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What our patients say on
I will never go to another urgent care center ever ever EVER again after having one come to me, and for not a whole lot more than what I'd have paid to go to one.
Why aren't all medical services in this country like this?? Easy, efficient, inexpensive, personal... the high quality professional care you receive is reason enough, but coupled with an exceptional bedside manner, I'll call ER Direct before going to the emergency room.
Holy Moly. These guys (well, actually Sean Parkin, MS, PA-C) were a GODSEND!
Fees and Insurance

Members pay their Urgent Care co-pay.

Other Insurances

We're an "out of network" provider and fee is due at the time of service. We will provide you paperwork to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. (Unfortunately, we can't predict how much your insurance company will reimburse. We've seen everything from 0 to 100%.)

Weekdays from 6am-7pm: $275.
Evenings and weekends: $375.
There may be additional fees for travel time or procedures.
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ER Direct Qualified Clinicians Come To You

In the Press
East Bay Express: Doctors Making House Calls? ER Direct Does
"It's amazing that you can get a house call," said LeBourgeois, a contract software engineer who lives in Emeryville. "... I was really impressed with it. ... They've got some fairly sophisticated gear. I plan to use them for everything, for anything that's not life-threatening."
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